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Vactor Truck Rental Tips: Sewer Cleaning Equipment Best Practices

truck rental tipsNot long ago, standard practices didn’t exist for the industrial vacuuming sector, and because of this, contractors who employed Vactor truck rental equipment to deliver their services were forced to develop their own safety and training measures, or simply train their workers as best they can. This is no longer true today, as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration now provides safety credentials to vacuum excavation professionals.

It is true that accidents occur less frequently in sewer excavation compared to traditional excavation, but training should still be part of the job. Here is an overview of best practices when you’re using such equipment, which should be comprehensively covered in your OSHA training:


Sewer vacuuming equipment makes use of vacuum and high pressure, both of which can be dangerous if mishandled. Operators should inspect their vacuum truck at the beginning of the shift using a pre-trip inspection checklist to ensure the equipment is fully functional when it leaves the parking lot.


Operators shouldn’t fail to ensure all the necessary accessories are loaded to the Vactor truck before heading to the jobsite. All vacuum tubes, nozzles, and other necessities should be accounted for. Forgetting even a single nozzle can prevent an operator from completing his task.

Two, not one

It’s true that a lone operator can safely complete a sewer vacuuming process, however, manufacturers recommend having another pair of hands for the job. Two operators can make the job proceed more efficiently, as it can be difficult for one person to manage both digging and vacuuming tasks. If you’re planning to deploy a team of three operators, most manufacturers say that’s too much.

Wear the proper gear

Just as it is in any industry-related work, sewer truck operators must make use of safety gear such as gloves, safety shoes, and work clothes, but one unique safety gear that operators should never do without is a hard hat with a full face shield. This protects the eyes from ricocheting materials.

Vactor truck supplies

If one of your truck’s components is in need of replacement, dealers of sewer cleaning equipment such as Haaker Equipment Company has a full range of Vactor truck parts that you can order so you can have your truck up and running again.