5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Street Sweeper Brushes

Street sweepers are vital tools for keeping our cities and towns cleaner and safer, but they are only useful if they are well-maintained. Following these tips for extending the life of your Elgin street sweeper brushes can ensure your streets stay clean longer while putting a cap on expensive repairs. 

Don’t Cheap Out on Brooms 

Inexpensive brooms may seem like a great deal, but you’ll end up paying much more in the long run because their brush lives are so short. Brooms are priced based on the amount and quality of the filament. Cheaper brooms have less filament, and the quality is weaker. That’s why they cost less, and it is also why they tend to break off faster. Consider investing a bit extra in high-quality brooms for better service in the streets and a longer brush life. 

Avoid Using Excessive Down Pressure 

What’s the number-one reason brushes wear out? It’s allowing more downward pressure on the brooms than is needed. This creates extra friction and causes the filaments to wear out faster. Use the correct amount of pressure to reduce wear and tear. 

Check Your Angle Setting 

Using the right angle setting for the side broom can also extend their lifespan. Excessive contact pressure is created when the outward and forward tilt angle isn’t properly adjusted. 

Don’t Skimp on Options 

Many of our Elgin street sweepers for sale offer features that help you avoid excessive down pressure and make adjusting to the proper angles easy. These in-cab adjustments let you use enough pressure to get the job done right without having to slow down the sweeper or leave the operator’s seat. Ask u about these options, including in-cab side broom tilt. 

Train Your Team Properly 

Take the time to teach your team how to adjust the sweeper brush to the proper settings. For every sweeping application, they should know which side broom angle adjustment and surface contact pressure is most effective. Unsure? Contact our team today — our sweeper manufacturers provide detailed instructions on achieving optimum sweeping performance! 

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