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Common and Uncommon Purposes of Vacuum Trucks and Used Street Sweepers

While companies and municipalities may be aware of the usual purposes of vacuum trucks and street sweepers, they may not know their other potential purposes. Awareness of the diverse functions of vacuum trucks and street sweepers can help maximize the use of these resources, while similarly influencing the list of factors to consider when purchasing used street sweepers.

Common Uses of Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks intend to meet the various large-scale cleaning needs of cities, municipalities, industries, and other contractors. The traditional uses of vacuum trucks are for emptying septic tanks and cleaning sewer pipes for proper preventive maintenance. Moreover, one of the latest applications of vacuum trucks is hydro excavation. A high-pressure water jetter drills the ground and an industrial vacuum hose pulls the debris into the tanks.

Uncommon Uses of Vacuum Trucks

Aside from keeping streets and operating fields clean, vacuum trucks can perform life-saving and environment-protection functions, too. They can be used for emergencies, especially when dealing with cave-in rescue and recovery missions. Furthermore, during spillage of hazardous materials, vacuum trucks are useful in quickly drawing them out. Some oil and mining firms deal with soil pollution through vacuum trucks as well.

Common Uses of Street Sweepers

Street sweepers are commonly used for cleaning different kinds of materials on the road. Mechanical street sweepers collect construction debris and other building materials, such as sand, gravel, and milling. They can likewise take in heavy build-up that happens after flooding, or that accumulates during spring. Regenerative air sweepers normally clean highways, streets, alleys, and parking lots. They are also used in cleaning construction sites and industrial plants.

Uncommon Uses of Street Sweepers

Apart from serving clean-up functions, some street sweepers are being used as marketing tools for private and public organizations. In St. Louis, street sweepers showcase paintings of the American flag and the logos of sports teams. Valerie Schremp Hahn reported that these painted sweepers promote city pride and goodwill. Apparently, street sweepers can have an artistic touch which can evoke positive emotions and experiences. Used street sweepers can be redesigned to look refreshing and to send particular social or commercial messages to the public.

Vacuum trucks and street sweepers are fundamental to the large-scale cleaning needs of municipalities and industries. Nevertheless, some unusual uses are worth looking into because they characterize the ingenuity of the human mind and the flexibility of modern technology. The next time purchasers and managers see street sweepers and vacuum trucks for sale, they can now associate them with life-saving and marketing functions.