Elgin Sweeper Unveils Whirlwind1 Vacuum Sweeper in Los Angeles

We are excited to announce that Elgin Sweeper has introduced the Whirlwind1 vacuum sweeper in Los Angeles, based on the same innovative technology we love in the Crosswind regenerative air sweeper. This vacuum sweeper is perfect for patched, uneven roads and any work involving road debris, sand, millings and dirt. It’s also a proven effective tool for maintaining and restoring permeable pavement. 

The Whirlwind1 is the first vacuum sweeper in North America to feature variable-speed-device (VSD) technology. Installed between the transmission and the chassis, VSD lets the engine power the sweeper and the truck simultaneously. With the simple push of a button, the operator can switch between work and road modes without having to stop and engage the parking brake. 

Reduced Maintenance and Easier Operation 

Single-engine technology is transforming sweeping, and Whirlwind1 operators will benefit immediately. These benefits include elimination of belts, fluid coupler and exhaust after-treatments, less maintenance, reduced auxiliary engine vibration and noise, lowered cost of ownership and enhanced overall equipment value. 

If you’ve ever spent eight hours a day sweeping, you know that vibrations and noise from the auxiliary engine cause serious operator fatigue. The single-engine and sound-dampening technology fo the Whirlwind1 reduce these effects without compromising the performance of the machine. 

Here at Haaker, we are dedicated to matching your needs with the right solutions. To learn more about the Whirldwind1 vacuum sweeper in Los Angeles and its single-engine technology, contact us today! 

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