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Spotlight on the Elgin Crosswind Regenerative Air Sweeper

An amazing street sweeper of the highest caliber, functionality, productivity, and versatility, Elgin’s Crosswind enables municipalities, industries, and contractors to efficiently accomplish their tasks. The Crosswind is operated straightforwardly using rocker switches and includes a full set of the essential gauges. This remarkable unit can perform for extended periods in fueling, dumping, and re-watering sites thanks to its outstanding fuel-efficiency and large and strategically combined water tank and hopper. It can also thoroughly clean larger and flat paved zones like airport runways, parking lots, and streets with its heavy-duty recirculating vacuum sweeper.

You will enjoy operating it—as do public work officials and contractors—because of its ergonomic structure, enabling you to work safely and comfortably. Elgin’s Crosswind is also easy to maintain so you can allot extra time to more important tasks.

Solutions for Every Application 

Elgin Sweeper doesn’t offer just one sweeping technology –– and we take an application-based approach to solving our customers’ sweeping needs. Our team works with each customer to ensure that you get a machine that fits your specifications, with the right truck, engine configuration, fuel requirements, and options. 

Unmatched Quality 

The Crosswind was introduced nearly 30 years ago and has been continuously improved in design and production. Elgin sweepers are manufactured in an ISO:9001 certified manufacturing plant. Products are painted prior to assembly and quality tested. Elgin Crosswinds are proudly assembled in the U.S.A. using only the finest materials. To learn more or schedule a FREE demo, contact us today!