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Protect Your Vactor Truck Parts from Wear

Vacuum Truck Rental for Industrial and Municipal Applications

Vacuum trucks are uniquely engineered to pump liquid waste from oil spills, septic tanks, catch basins and similar places. While they are most often used for commercial purposes, they do have residential applications as well. Our Vactor truck rental program is used by many municipalities across the United States for waste removal, and many industrial projects rely on our Vactor truck parts to help with waste material clean-up. They can pump anything from contaminated soil to domestic septic tanks, and they are used for the removal, transportation and disposal of toxic and non-toxic materials.

Removing Industrial Waste

Vacuum trucks are specially designed to remove industrial waste, both wet and dry. Either low-velocity or high-velocity air suction is used to remove liquid, sludge, frothy or solid materials. Some of the trucks in our Vactor truck rental program are also used to remove bring water or to clear septic tanks, sewers, oil spills, catch basins or congested drainage systems.

Moving Waste

Our Vactor truck parts also help transport bio-solids. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends using vacuum trucks for the safe transportation of these materials due to their odor-control and spill-prevention abilities. When vacuum trucks are used for transportation, the risk of exposure to these potential hazardous materials is reduced, creating a healthier environment.

Know Before You Buy or Rent

Before buying or renting one of our vacuum trucks, it is important to consider the following factors:

– Analyze your budget! Knowing your budget will help our team connect you with the best vacuum truck for your needs.

– Ask us about the warranty terms and support available for our new Vactor trucks.

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Our team is excited to connect you with the best Vactor truck rental for your needs. Just like our street sweeper rental program, our Vactor program supplies only the best equipment at prices you can afford. Contact us today to learn more!