Vactor’s IntuiTouch Technology Delivers Simple, Innovative Control

Efficient, simpler, more precise operation. That’s what Vactor is dedicated to, and their innovations have delivered the most technologically advanced sewer cleaners for sale today. These trucks increase productivity with less operator effort, reduce operating costs and enhance sustainability. 

Vactor is always developing cutting-edge technology, and one of the highlights is the IntuiTouch Contol system. 

Simple, One-Touch Control

This system includes a one-touch in-cab control that epitomizes simplicity. The system offers control for PTO/Transfer case activation, lighting, camera and recirculation. Outside, the control system puts all cleaning system functions into a simple, single and adjustable control panel. 

This system is available on four Vactor trucks: the 2100i, 2100iCB, iMPACT and Ramjet Truck Series. See the control station in action on the 2100i by pressing play below: 

Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner is truly built around the operator. A few of the features are a revolutionary control system, superior vacuum performance, unmatched operator comfort and control, and fuel, air routing and filtration efficiency second to none. Vactor has gone to every effort to ensure that every facet of the 2100i Combination Sewer Cleaner is nothing less than world class.

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