4 Ways to Use Our Street Sweepers in Las Vegas Most Efficiently

Street sweeping does more than just keep the streets of Las Vegas clean — it also stops storm drains from becoming blocked and prevents flooding when it does happen to rain. Our street sweepers in Las Vegas also prevent the pollution of waterways. Follow these four tips to use our street sweepers most efficiently:

Maintain Your Equipment

Maintaining your street sweeper is the best way to make sure it continues to run optimally for years. Our Service Department works hard to make sure your equipment runs at peak performance. We supply top quality workmanship in a timely and professional manner, and our factory-trained pros can do everything from solve difficult part requirements to troubleshoot mechanical problems or set you up on a regular maintenance schedule. We get the job done, and our commitment to Total Support continues for the life of your equipment.

Watch Your Speed

One of the keys to effective, efficient street sweeping is to watch your speed. Going too fast or too slow can make it more difficult to pick up debris, and the wrong speeds can also cause excessive wear and tear on your unit. The optimum forward speed is about 5 miles per hour, which is a good balance between effective pickup and sweeping a reasonable area per day.

Elgin Pelican

Minimize Interference

Parked cars can have a serious effect on your team’s ability to pick up particulate material. Having access to the curb for the entire distance of your sweep project is important. To make your program most efficient, sweep industrial and commercial areas at night and stick to residential areas during the day when there are less likely to be parked cars in the way.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Our Elgin street sweepers in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix provide both power and efficiency. Widely recognized as a leader in the industry, Elgin’s street sweepers are designed based on input from customers combined with the latest innovations. Real-world prototype testing and feedback have refined the sweeper design process to provide customers with exactly what they want and need. The result is street sweepers that are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain while still delivering the quality and proven technology that is the hallmark of Elgin sweepers. Explore our inventory here and contact us today to schedule your free street sweeper demo!

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