4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying a Street Sweeper in Los Angeles

Choosing the right street sweeper in Los Angeles is critical to achieve your sweeping goals. Asking these questions can help you discover which model of Elgin street sweeper is best for your needs.

What kind of debris are you sweeping?

Are you sweeping loose debris or compact debris? Vacuum sweepers remove material through a nozzle, and some are ideal for handling leaf and debris while others are perfect for catch-basin cleaning and general street sweeping. Others have extra-wide sweeping paths that make them perfect for bumpy debris or uneven, patched roads.

How quickly do you need to get the job done?

All of our Elgin street sweepers for sale in Los Angeles are efficient, but the Crosswind, for example, uses both vacuum air and pressurized air for maximum productivity. We love this street sweeper for its efficiency and ability to perform on everything from parking lots and streets to runways.

Where will your debris be dumped?

The debris your street sweeper collects needs to go somewhere. Do you have an on-site dedicated area for dumping debris? Will it be deposited into a truck or bin or dumped on the ground? Considering this will help you choose the right broom sweeper. Elgin offers a number of models with variable dump heights that are also extremely maneuverable.

Do you want to minimize water pollution?

Environmental concerns are on all of our minds these days. Waterless mechanical sweepers minimize water pollution as well as flooding and backups and are a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint.

All of these considerations are important when choosing a street sweeper in Los Angeles. Our team is happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best options for your goals. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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