A Deep Dive into the Innovation Behind Vactor Sewer Cleaning Equipment

The realm of sewer maintenance and sanitation has seen some revolutionary changes in recent years, particularly when it comes to the equipment used to carry out these tasks. Vactor sewer cleaning equipment is at the forefront of these innovations. Let’s dive into the advanced technology and robust capabilities of two of Vactor’s premier models: the Vactor 2100i and the Vactor iMPACT.

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Vactor 2100i: Redefining Sewer Cleaning Equipment

The Vactor 2100i model is a shining example of Vactor’s commitment to innovative design and robust functionality. The 2100i prioritizes the operator, boasting advanced technology that enhances performance and makes the job less taxing for the user.

The controls on the Vactor 2100i allow for precise operation with intuitive, one-touch in-cab controls for PTO/Transfer Case activation. A standout feature of the 2100i is the optional Rapid Deployment Boom, which eliminates the need for additional tubes and brings a new level of safety and efficiency to every job site.

The Jet Rodder Water Pump in the Vactor 2100i requires minimal maintenance and provides smooth, continuous flows. The pump also has an optional “jackhammer” action for tackling particularly challenging jobs.

Vactor’s 2100i model exemplifies how sewer cleaning equipment should be designed. It offers a high-strength aluminum water tank for maximum capacity, lower RPM operation for better fuel economy, and over 100 enhancements that allow for complete customization.

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Vactor iMPACT: Compact Sewer Cleaning Equipment Without Compromise

The Vactor iMPACT is an exceptional piece of sewer cleaning equipment that proves you don’t have to compromise on performance to achieve cost-effectiveness. The iMPACT brings together the best features of Vactor’s technology in a compact, budget-friendly design.

The iMPACT also boasts the IntuiTouch controls found in the larger 2100i model. These controls enable simple PTO activation at the touch of a button. The adjustable IntuiTouch control panel brings together all cleaning system functions into one easily manageable interface.

The patent-pending H.A.L.O. Hands-Free Accessory Light Option of the iMPACT takes safety and efficiency to new heights. This system ensures the equipment is easy to handle in every situation, from tight alleys to emergency applications.

With its low maintenance Jet Rodder Water Pump, powerful Positive Displacement Vacuum Blower, and high-strength aluminum water tank, the iMPACT proves that smaller doesn’t mean weaker. Like its sibling model, the iMPACT can be completely customized with an array of precision-engineered enhancements.

The Future of Sewer Cleaning Equipment with Vactor

Vactor’s innovative sewer cleaning equipment like the 2100i and iMPACT models set a high standard in the industry. They exemplify the perfect balance of innovation, efficiency, and value, promising to revolutionize sewer maintenance and sanitation in ways unimaginable only a few years ago.

By focusing on intuitive design, operator comfort, and equipment longevity, Vactor ensures their sewer cleaning equipment remains at the forefront of industry innovation. The future of sewer maintenance is exciting, and with Vactor leading the charge, we can anticipate even greater advancements on the horizon. Contact us today to learn more about our Vactor sewer cleaning equipment and to see the iMPACT or 2100i in-person with a free demo in Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, the Central Valley or Los Angeles.

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