Effective, Safe Team Communication While Social Distancing

Construction and manufacturing businesses providing essential services during the coronavirus pandemic are working hard to adhere to social distancing guidelines while attempting to stay on track with production timelines. The key to making this work is effective communication.


Shrinking Staffs Need Better Communications

As quarantines and stay-at-home orders affect staffing levels, even more communication is required than normal. Checking in with your team throughout the day and clearly communicating tasks and goals is essential. If workers can’t communicate easily with one another, productivity and quality can be negatively impacted. Talking is more difficult when practicing social distancing, but Sonetics wireless headsets make it easy to have normal conversations from safe distances.

Getting Attention without Getting Too Close

Pre-coronavirus, tapping a coworker’s shoulder was an easy way to get attention while working around loud equipment. Now that’s too close for comfort, but being able to communicate quickly and easily reduces the likelihood of accidents. Sonetics headsets make it easy to give warnings from a safe distance.

Natural Communication Needed for Training

When you train employees well, they are more productive, happier at work and more likely to stay on the job. Clear and immediate feedback from coworkers is an essential part of training new hires, and Sonetics headsets make that natural communication possible. Whether you are on the production floor or in a classroom environment, these headsets allow you to speak normally and be heard clearly without violating CDC recommendations for social distancing.

Sonetics Wireless Headsets are the most effective tools for collaborating as a team while maintaining a safe and healthy distance. Manufacturing and construction teams can rely on them during this challenging time and beyond to improve communication, accelerate training and protect their workers. To learn more or to schedule your free demo, contact Haaker today!

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