Elgin’s Crosswind1 Street Sweeper: Power, Versatility and Productivity

There’s a reason why Elgin regenerative air sweepers are a favorite of municipalities, contractors, airports and more: They deliver powerful sweeping combined with versatility and enhanced productivity. The Elgin Crosswind1 street sweeper for sale in Los Angeles is no exception. This street sweeper efficiently cleans streets, parking lots, runways and other fast paved surfaces. Operated by simple rocker switches and equipped with everything you need to get the job done right, the Crosswind1 allows maximum productivity and decreased maintenance costs.

Exceeding Expectations

With its easy-to-use design and single-button operation, the Crosswind1 is versatile and easily picks up chip seal and litter, and its large pickup head makes it the sweeper of choice for many applications. The Crosswind1 has undergone years of customer focused testing and validation; ensuring a design that exceeds expectations!

The Crosswind1 eliminates the burden of maintaining two engines, complex maintenance and after treatment systems, untimely auxiliary engine regenerations, auxiliary engine vibration and noise, cost exposure from missed engine regenerations and cumbersome belt tensioning systems. And it delivers dual-engine performance with SharedPower technology available, a tilt body for traditional dumping and superior dust suppression.

Less Hassle, More Productivity

If you\’re looking for a solution that eliminates the hassle of servicing and maintaining an auxiliary engine on a regenerative air street sweeper, we can’t recommend the Crosswind1 enough. The Crosswind1 eliminates all things associated with a diesel auxiliary engine, providing value to customers that extends beyond having one less engine.

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