Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS)

Do you want to understand your sewer system condition quicker with fewer resources? The Phases Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS) prioritizes your resource allocation with a single, integrated inspection workflow. Implementing PASS reduces the cost of sewer inspections by approximately 34% and increases productivity by approximately 17% compared to CCTV-only pipe inspections. PASS is divided into three phases: 

  • Zoom camera survey to see if a pipe needs additional attention 
  • Video nozzle for post-cleaning assessment
  • CCTV crawler only for pipes that need a thorough inspection

PASS ensures labor and resources are directed to where they are needed most and improves response time for inspection and repair. If you’re faced with deteriorating infrastructure and dwindling budgets, download this white paper from Envirosight now and learn more about the PASS workflow. 

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