Embrace Efficiency with the Vactor 2100i in Phoenix

For over a century, Vactor has been at the forefront of sewer cleaning technology, continually evolving to offer solutions that not only serve our clients effectively but also protect the environment. Today, we’re focusing on our cutting-edge Vactor 2100i, a revolutionary piece of equipment that’s making waves in Phoenix.

The Future of Sewer Cleaning: Vactor 2100i in Phoenix

At Haaker Equipment Company, we believe in delivering solutions that enable businesses and cities to work smarter, not harder. The Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner, with its innovative design and robust technology, epitomizes this belief. This powerhouse is a perfect choice for those seeking efficiency and productivity in their cleaning operations in Phoenix.

Vactor has always prioritized water conservation, and the 2100i takes this mission further with its state-of-the-art water recycling system. Not only does this save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, but it also boosts operator productivity by up to 100%.

Less time spent refilling tanks means more time spent cleaning, increasing your overall operational efficiency and reducing overflows. The 2100i’s design even makes decanting a thing of the past.

Operator-First Philosophy: Simplicity Meets Efficiency

Designed with operators in mind, the 2100i provides an ergonomic, easy-to-use solution to sewer cleaning. With simple controls and an intuitive interface, operators can activate the recycling system with the flip of a switch, manage the water supply effortlessly, and utilize the machine as a standard sewer cleaner whenever needed.

In the cab, operators enjoy the convenience of IntuiTouch one-touch controls for PTO/Transfer Case activation. The IntuiTouch control panel consolidates all cleaning system functions into one simple, articulate control panel, minimizing fatigue and maximizing precision.

Enhanced Features for Superior Performance

The Vactor 2100i in Phoenix comes packed with features that prioritize safety, reliability, and value, such as:

  • The optional RDB 1015 Rapid Deployment Boom that extends the debris hose, eliminating the need for additional tubes.
  • The patent-pending H.A.L.O. (Hands-Free Accessory Light Option) that enhances safety and efficiency.
  • The Jet Rodder Water Pump, which requires minimal maintenance and provides continuous flows with an optional “jackhammer” action.
  • Optional wireless controls, including updated belly pack and handheld remotes with two-way data transmission.

These features, among others, are part of Vactor’s commitment to delivering advanced technology that enhances both equipment performance and operator experience.

In Phoenix, the Vactor 2100i is changing the way businesses and cities approach their sewer cleaning operations, bringing unparalleled levels of efficiency and effectiveness to the process. Reach out to us today at Haaker Equipment Company to schedule your FREE demo and see the future of sewer cleaning in action.

Contact us now, and let the Vactor 2100i redefine your cleaning operations in Phoenix.

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