Envirosight’s Technological Advancements in Sewer Inspection Cameras

Sewer management has often been a challenging field, but with the advent of innovative technologies like Envirosight’s sewer inspection cameras, identifying problems and carrying out maintenance have become easier, efficient, and more precise. Envirosight cameras are pioneering new ways to inspect sewers, with features designed to tackle the most demanding tasks. Let’s take a closer look at the game-changers: The Envirosight Rovver X and the Envirosight DigiSewer.

Envirosight Rovver X sewer inspection camera in use

Unleashing the Power of Envirosight Rovver X in Sewer Inspection

The Envirosight ROVVER X is not just an ordinary sewer inspection crawler. It is a tool built to withstand challenging conditions while delivering outstanding performance. Whether you need to inspect lines from 6” to 96” in diameter or adapt for tasks such as side-scanning and laser profiling, the ROVVER X has got you covered.

One of the striking features of the ROVVER X is its intelligent design. This includes a touchscreen interface that allows for easy operation, measurement, and coding. Furthermore, the ROVVER X camera pans continuously and offers a remarkable ±145-degree tilt. This, coupled with 10X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom, delivers outstanding detail, making it a versatile tool in the sewer inspection cameras market.

Envirosight DigiSewer: A Quantum Leap in Speed and Efficiency

When speed is of the essence, the Envirosight DigiSewer comes into its own. It attaches to your existing ROVVER X crawler, providing a side-scan functionality that is three times faster than traditional CCTV. This fast-paced inspection capability, combined with offline review and analysis, ensures that your sewer inspection process is not only efficient but also cost-effective.

The DigiSewer is a testament to Envirosight’s commitment to dynamic, efficient, and intuitive technology. It automatically identifies taps and joints and integrates seamlessly with WinCan projects and GIS data. Moreover, it offers multiple view options, including forward, side, thumbnail, and virtual 3D.

Harness the Power of Envirosight Sewer Inspection Cameras Today

Embracing advanced technology like Envirosight’s sewer inspection cameras can revolutionize the way you approach sewer management. At Haaker Equipment Company, we firmly believe in the power of these devices to enhance your operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately save time and money.

We invite you to come in for a demo of these innovative tools. Experience firsthand how the Envirosight ROVVER X and the Envirosight DigiSewer can elevate your sewer inspection processes to new heights. Let the future of sewer management start with you today.

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