How NiteHawk Changed the Street Sweeping Game

In 1985, Jack Rodgers had a vision for more powerful yet lighter sweeping machine. His idea gave birth to the first hydraulic sweeper, and ten years later, NiteHawk was formed. Now a leader in the global sweeping industry, NiteHawk has continued to make waves in the market.

NiteHawk’s Creation

NiteHawk Sweepers was officially created in 1994 and named after the original model pioneered by Rodgers. Soon after, Brad Morris purchased the sweeper’s patent and Brough Tracy Day on board with the company as a partner. Together, they worked hard to bring this new, innovative equipment to the marketplace.

They built the business along with a small but dedicated team in California. Day recalls some team members staying late to paint the machines that others had built that day while some went out to sweep streets or even attend night classes. The freshly-painted machines were tested in the early mornings on the sunny streets of Fresno.

As the company quickly grew, the team realized they needed a new home. Seattle, Washington was chosen as headquarters in 1997, and NiteHawk remains centered in the Pacific Northwest today.

Building a National Reputation

Tremendous growth followed after the move, and NiteHawk took on a more significant role in the industry at large. The scrappy little company had grown to become a major influence as their technology set the standard.

We are proud to offer two NiteHawk products in our inventory: The Raptor II and the Osprey II.

Nitehawk Raptor II Street Sweeper in Phoenix

The next generation Raptor II is engineered to perform in the most diverse operating environments. 35 years of inspired design and field testing have culminated in the best-in-class sweeping performance of the Raptor II. The advanced hydraulic system has the power to sweep anything you throw in front of it.

Built on a low profile conventional chassis, the Osprey II sweeper can excel in any location. Reliable quiet operation lets you clean where no other sweeper can. Powerful, silent and efficient. There is simply nothing else like it.

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