Madvac Street Sweepers Benefit All Cities and Towns

Whether you live in a small town or a busy metropolis, it’s important that the place you call home looks its best. Clean streets are fundamental to creating a positive impression, and they provide many other benefits as well. Our Madvac street sweepers and litter vacuums deliver the following benefits:

Clean Streets Reduce Pests 

Decomposting trash is a feast for pigeons, flies, rats and mice. If your city streets are overrun with trash, it won’t be long until they are overrun with pests too. Many of these critters can carry diseases that put residents at harm, but clearing debris can discourage pests from roaming your neighborhoods. 

Clean Streets Welcome Visitors 

Both small towns and huge cities depend on tourist dollars, but visitors won’t want to stay or return if the environment isn’t clean. One of the best ways to boost tourism in your area is to create a pristine image, starting with the streets. 

Clean Streets Increase Safety 

If you’ve ever traversed a road during construction season, you know that debris and gravel pose a risk to your vehicle. Debris threatens pedestrians too, but investing in Madvac street sweepers can reduce these hazards and keep your streets safe. 

Clean Streets Protect Sewers 

A downpour can easily sweep trash from the street into storm drains, causing build-up, puddles and potential storm drain failure. The best way to avoid these issues is to clear trash and debris from your streets regularly. 

No matter the size of your city or town, adding a Madvac street sweeper to your fleet can benefit your residents, visitors and city government. To boost your city’s image, give us a call today to learn more about our street sweepers for sale in Phoenix and to schedule your free demo! 

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