Where Should a Fixed Gas Detector Sensor Be Mounted?

When it comes to gas detection, sensor placement is vital. Our partners at RKI Instruments provide these great tips for choosing the right place to mount your fixed gas detector sensor. Consider this criteria:

Gas Density

When checking for LEL levels of vapors and gases, you must consider the density of the gas. Propane and gasoline, for example, are higher density gases and are heavier than air. This means they tend to collect near the floor, and your sensor should be within inches of the floor. Hydrogen and natural gas, by contrast, are lighter gases that tend to collect near the ceiling. For best results detecting these gases, install your sensor within inches of the ceiling.

Toxic Gases

If safe breathing is your primary concern, install your sensors in the typical breathing zone. This is usually four to six feet from the floor.

Ventilation Systems

Consider where exhaust ducts and ventilation intake ducts are located in your space. Keep sensors away from ducts that blow fresh air and instead place them closer to ducts that are removing air from the space.

Leak Sources

Consider where the most likely gas leak sources are and place sensors close by. For example, if you’re working in a large space with a gas tank in one corner, it makes sense to mount your sensors near that potential leak source. If there are many such locations in your space, place sensors to monitor the whole room.

Be Strategic

Remember that sensors are like our noses. They can only “smell” or sense the air that immediately surrounds it. Strategically placing your sensors gives you the best results. In large spaces, spread them about 30 to 40 feet apart.

For over 80 years, RKI Instruments has been at the forefront of sensor technology, developing advanced detection techniques to provide solutions for specific applications. As a result, RKI provides reliable, rugged gas detection equipment. Through ingenuity and years of industry experience, RKI has developed a unique line of gas detection interments and accessories, and we are proud to offer them to you here at Haaker. Check out our full inventory here.

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