Monitoring Landfill Gases with RKI Instruments

Landfills, where waste is disposed of by burial, are the oldest form of waste treatment. In many places around the world, they continue to be the most common method of organized waste disposal, and many are also used for temporary storage, consolidation and transfer or processing of waste materials. All landfills generate dangerous gasses due to the nature of the waste placed in them, and these gases can create significant health and safety concerns for both the community and operators. These threats may continue even after a landfill has been closed, making landfill gas monitoring and control programs essential for ensuring the health and safety of communities.

Types Gases Emanating from Landfills

Monitoring of gases that emanate from landfills typically fall into six categories: protection of structures and enclosed spaces where methane can accumulate, monitoring at gas wells ambient air monitoring, emissions monitoring, soil gas monitoring and near surface gas monitoring.

RKI’s Solution: The Eagle 2

Rugged, easy-to-operate and reliable, the Eagle 2 from RKI is an ideal solution for portable gas-monitoring situations in landfills. Features include:

Continuous Operation: The Eagle 2 operates continuously from a 115 VAC continuous operation adapter. It can also run from alkaline batteries if desired.

Low Cost: This gas detection equipment costs less compared to standard analytical devices.

Powerful Pump: The Eagle 2 is equipped with a very strong pump and can be provided with a sample hose up to 125 feet long. The powerful long-life pump can draw samples over 125 feet with a flow rate of approximately 2.0 SCFH.

Filters for Dirty Applications: We love that the Eagle 2 comes with two hydrophobic and dust filters – one inside the probe and a backup filter inside the unit.

To learn more about the Eagle 2 and how our gas detection equipment can make your landfill safer, contact the team at Haaker today!

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