NiteHawk Street Sweepers in Los Angeles for Every Industry

NiteHawk engineers the highest quality sweepers on the market today, and they have a passion for helping customers succeed in every industry. Here are seven industries that have benefitted from NiteHawk’s innovation, quiet operation, superior sweeping and reliable service. 


The Osprey II and Raptor II NiteHawk street sweepers are perfect for efficiently maintaining tarmacs, aprons, terminals and ramps. Use them to keep these areas free and clear of debris for safe use. NiteHawk also offers FAA paint and high visibility markets, and a low-profile Osprey is perfect for reduce height parking structures at airports. 


Whether you manage maintenance for a town, city or county, NiteHawk has street sweeping solutions that deliver efficient, quiet operation. These street sweepers are essential components of storm water runoff management plans, and they are ideal for public building maintenance. 

Universities and Colleges 

NiteHawk is the smart choice for colleges and universities! The Osprey II and Raptor II are ideal for keeping debris and trash off of campus grounds, parking areas, streets and stadiums. Quiet operation makes them perfect for using even when students are around, and they are ideal for managing storm water runoff, cleaning up after school events and tackling fall leaf buildups. 


Safe, quiet operation makes NiteHawk street sweepers the equipment of choice for hospitals. Keep fugitive dust and particulate to a minimum with their effective dust suppression, and choose the Osprey for maintaining low-height parking structures without disturbing your staff, visitors and patients. 

Government and Military Spaces 

Quiet operation is important when maintaining base streets, and NiteHawk street sweepers get the job done with minimal noise. Use these street sweepers to remove debris and  keep your base up to military standards. 


The Osprey II and Raptor II are perfect for preventing debris and dust on port roads, staging areas, docks and parking areas. Debris can contaminant shipments, but you can safeguard your goods by choosing NiteHawk for routine maintenance. Our street sweepers also feature tight turning radiuses to easily maneuver through narrow loading areas and containers. 

Industrial Spaces 

Choose NiteHawk street sweepers for all your industrial maintenance needs — from cleaning around industrial complexes to managing storm water runoff and creating a healthy environment for your tenants and team. Quiet operation means you can sweep while your facility is occupied, and tight turning radiuses means these units are perfect for navigating narrow areas. 

Interested in learning more, or scheduling a free demo of the Osprey II or Raptor II street sweeper for sale from NiteHawk? Contact us today! 

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