Reducing Pollution with Elgin Street Sweepers in Los Angeles

Street sweepers keep streets clean, but they do so much more than that! When used properly, street sweepers are a great way of controlling water pollution in municipalities and are an important part of sewer maintenance efforts.

Can conventional street sweepers reduce pollutants in stormwater? The answer is yes – our Elgin street sweepers incorporate innovative technologies that improve results for picking up fine particles and debris and keeping them out of stormwater.

The Environmental Benefits of Street Sweeping

Street sweeping reduces pollutants in stormwater, including leaves, sand, salt, petroleum products, plastic, metal, rubbish and green waste like hedge and grass clippings. Without street sweepers, these particles and debris can enter stormwater systems, creating dangerous conditions for humans and wildlife. For example, debris like leaves and hedge clippings contain high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen. Although they may seem harmless because they are biodegradable, these types of waste can raise levels of these chemicals in storm drain systems, leading to water contamination and algae blooms.

Elgin street sweepers for sale at Haaker Equipment Company

Environmental concerns were at the forefront when designing the RegenX. The input of service technicians, operators, and street sweeping supervisors shaped every detail of the new RegenX mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper from Elgin Sweeper Company, a sweeper that is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain but still delivers the quality and proven technology that is the hallmark of Elgin Sweeper products.

Our street sweepers in Los Angeles bring a host of other benefits, including keeping streets safe and attractive, preventing clogging issues and overflow of storm drains and sewers, reducing the risk of flooding and more.

This affordable street sweeping solution can clean more efficiently and faster than manual labor, making them a smart investment for any municipality. To learn more about our Elgin street sweepers or to schedule your free demo, contact us today!

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