Removing Tough Contaminants with Street Sweeping in Phoenix

The effectiveness of street sweeping in Phoenix depends on the type of sweeper, variety of debris and frequency of sweeping.

Controlling stormwater runoff can be very challenging, and high levels of contaminants (both organic and inorganic) in street dust pose a risk to the quality of both stormwater and air. One of the best ways to approach areas of concern is with regular, efficient street sweeping to decrease such pollutants.

Street Sweepers in Phoenix for Effective Pick-Up


Elgin street sweepers in Las Vegas

Our street sweepers in Phoenix from Elgin are the most reliable, innovative and effective units on the market today. Understanding the types of street sweepers available can help guide you to the right choice for your municipality.

Mechanical street sweepers, like the Elgin Broom Bear, Eagle and Pelican, excel at picking up gravel, coarse sand and wet vegetation but may not be the ideal choice for removing fine particles. Click here to view these units.

Vacuum street sweepers are better at removing fine dust. These units include the Elgin Megawind, Whirlwind and Whirlwind1. Like massive, powerful household vacuums, they suck in air using a fan, collect debris and dust then finally exhaust the air.

Similar to vacuum street sweepers, regenerative air sweepers suck up debris into a hopper, but they don’t exhaust air; instead, the air is cleaned by a dust separator before returning to the blast orifice of the pick-up head.

Regenerative air sweepers can typically remove smaller debris and clean larger paths than vacuum sweepers.

Our inventory of regenerative air street sweepers in Phoenix include the RegenX, Crosswind1 and Crosswind. These sweepers use a blast-and-suction effect, allowing them to effectively clean in areas that are difficult to reach with mechanical or vacuum sweepers. Click here to view these units.

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Removing Contaminants

When it comes to stormwater pollution in cities and towns, contaminants and debris from streets are the easiest sources to control. Rain brings lots of pollutants to our waterways, and removing them from the streets is far easier than trying to remove them from water later. Street sweeping is the most effective and cost-efficient way to protect waterways from contaminants and street runoff.

Frequency Matters

While there are many variables that determine the efficacy of street sweeping, one of the most important is frequency. At the very least, street sweeping should be done in early spring before the rainy season begins and again in the fall after leaves have fallen. While this timing may change depending on your local climate, annual sweeping should be conducted to remove litter and sediment that accumulates throughout the seasons. Regularly sweeping contaminants like debris, leaves, salt and sand prevents those pollutants from washing into surface waters and storm sewers. The more often you sweep your streets, sidewalks and parking lots, the fewer contaminants can make it into storm drains and into local water sources.

We are happy to help you choose the right street sweeper in Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Central Valley or Los Angeles for your needs and budget. Contact Haaker today to learn more!

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