Sonetics Listen-Through Technology and Situational Awareness

If you are one of the 22 million workers who are exposed every year to potentially damaging noise, you know the difficulty of choosing between protecting your hearing and understanding what is going on around you. But with Sonetics wireless headsets, there’s a better way.

Knowing what is happening around you is essential to staying safe and productive on the job. Sonetics makes it possible to get both situational awareness and hearing protection.

Listen-Through Technology lets you control outside sound with the push of a button, allowing you to mix in just what you need to hear to improve awareness without isolating you from alarms, traffic or coworkers.

Stereo microphones give you the feedback you need to perceive where a sound is originating – from the back, front or to the side.

For hearing protection, Listen-Through Technology won’t transmit active, loud noises even when they are sudden. Speakers will instead shut down briefly before gradually returning to the previous volume setting.

This technology enables workers to maintain clear voice communication, adjustable situational awareness and advanced hearing protection. See our full line of Sonetics Wireless Headsets here and schedule your free demo today!

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