Spotlight on KEG Sewer Nozzles

Here at Haaker, we take pride in offering the highest quality equipment to support industrial pipe and storm cleaning. For these professionals, few tools are as important as sewer nozzles.

These nozzles come in a variety of types designed to complete different tasks, from attacking soft blockages with powerful precision to removing silt, sludge or sand from heavily compacted lines. Sewer truck crews rely on nozzles to perform in harsh environments, and the safety and health of the facilities and communities they serve depends on that reliable performance.

That’s why we carry sewer nozzles from only the best manufacturers in the world, including KEG Technologies, Inc.

About KEG Technologies

Like Haaker, KEG is committed to providing quality products to customers and supporting technology improvements through continuous education. Every product is backed by KEG’s quality guarantee, and they offer a wide range of sewer nozzles to perform in even the most difficult of cleaning conditions.

KEG Fluid Mechanics

KEG sewer nozzles are ideal for sewer truck crews who want to reduce operational costs while maximizing power. Nozzles with efficiency ratings over 80% are designated as Tier Three nozzles by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), and many KEG sewer nozzles boast efficiency ratings of over 95%, a clear indication of their quality.

The high-performance design of KEG sewer nozzles leaves little room for power losses and excessive turbulence. After exiting the jetter hose, water travels into the body of the nozzle before moving through smooth, curved channels. This design feature enables the water to maintain its power and speed before entering the nozzle’s replaceable titanium ceramic inserts. Next, the water is funneled from a short conical shape to a larger, longer cylindrical shape, allowing a tight water pattern to emerge.

KEG Sewer Nozzles: The Difference is Performance

KEG sewer nozzles provide outstanding efficiency for larger storm and sanitary lines. This heavy duty cleaning nozzle is engineered for heavy debris cleaning, featuring wide cleaning power and 15 and 20 degree jet angles that deliver wide water patterns and high wall forces ideal for cleaning pipes with large diameters. This KEG sewer nozzle features a unique fluid mechanics design and can be used with titanium ceramic or steel inserts for maximum performance for the removal of sand and mud. Perfect for general sewer cleaning, sanitary cleaning and pipes up to 24”, the KEG sewer nozzle is versatile and efficient.

Specialty KEG Sewer Nozzles

KEG’s newest rotational nozzle is the Aqua Power 700, which allows the operator to control the rotation speed by simply decreasing or increasing the water system’s pressure. This all-around grease removal and cleaning nozzle is ideal for manholes, pipelines and lift systems, and it comes with a high pressure swivel, 4 welded skids and titanium ceramic inserts.

For smaller applications, check out the KEG R2D2-1 sewer nozzle, the perfect combination of cleaning power and lightweight versatility for low-flow machines. Like with the Aqua Power 700, the operator can adjust rotation speed by changing the pressure of the water system.

One of KEG’s most unique sewer nozzles, the Equalizer, is designed specifically to nearly eliminate blowing toilets. An effective umbrella pattern is created using twelve forward jets that operate at dual angles while six rearward jets provide superior propulsion, debris removal and cleaning power.

These are just some of the many KEG sewer nozzles we are proud to carry here at Haaker. If you are a plumber, part of a sewer truck crew or drain cleaner ready to maximize your cleaning power while lowering your operating costs, contact us today at 909-598-2706 to learn more!

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