The Best Rental Street Sweepers in Los Angeles

Need the ultimate cleaning equipment for a short-term project? Our reliable fleet of street sweeper and sewer cleaners is available for rent on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. We are happy to help you choose the equipment that delivers the best value for your money and helps you complete your project efficiently.

Here’s what we offer:

– The finest Elgin street sweepers, including the Crosswind Air (perfect for municipal and contract sweeping) and the Broom Bear (ideal for construction sweeping)
– Vacuum trucks that are fully-equipped with hose reels and hydro-excavation kits
– Vactor trucks and cleaners to address sewage problems
– Sweepers for municipal roads and streets

Rental Street Sweepers


Our large fleet of Elgin street sweepers is available to rent for your municipal or contract sweeping application. Whether you need a daily, weekly or monthly rental, we can help provide you with the equipment you need anywhere in the United States.

Our Elgin street sweepers for rent are made using the best sweeping technology for every application. Whether you need to rent a unit for a municipal job, construction work, industrial purpose or virtually anything else, there’s an Elgin for the job. Each sweeper in our fleet is the result of over 100 years of engineering, manufacturing and technical know-how. 

Rental Vactor Trucks


Vactor is the proven leader in sewer cleaning. For over 50 years, they’ve been the leader in manufacturing combination sewer cleaners with custom configurable designs and technological innovations. Well-maintained sewer lines, storm sewers and catch basins are essential to the well-being of every community, and Vactor sewer cleaners help you get the job done right. 

We are proud to be one of the top rental Vactor dealers on the West Coast, and our large fleet of rental Vactor trucks is available for daily, weekly or monthly use. If you are looking for a Vactor rental anywhere in the United States, contact us today!

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