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Madvac Parking Lot Sweepers in the Central Valley

When it comes to compact outdoor cleaning vehicles, nothing tops Madvac’s parking lot sweepers in the Central Valley. These units are essential for keeping the Central Valley’s streets, sidewalks, parks and lots clean. They efficiently eliminate litter and trash that can pose a safety hazard, turn away tourists, lower property values and clog drains and sewer channels.

Specifically designed to address your litter control needs, our parking lot sweepers in Fresno from Madvac are the ideal solutions for sidewalks, curbs, alleys, bike and pedestrian lanes, fence lines and more.

Madvac LS175 Parking Lot Sweeper

Parking Lot Sweeper in Fresno

The Madvac LS175 is designed specifically to tackle today’s urban cleaning challenges. Narrow, hard to reach areas are no longer off-limits with this compact unit. Perfect for a wide variety of surface types, including sidewalks, bike and pedestrian lanes, parking lots, curb side, alleys, public markets, alongside buildings, pathways etc. Easily navigate around obstacles like bus shelters, lamp posts, benches, fire hydrants etc. on a variety of pavement types including asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, brick.

Madvac LN50

Parking Lot Sweeper in Fresno

This vacuum litter collector with assisted arm delivers simple, low-cost operation and maintenance. The wander hose collects litter from up to 15 feet away, and the assisted hydraulic arm is easily controlled via joystick. Other features include high operator seating for visibility and safety and a 48” wide vacuum head option.

Madvac LR50

Parking Lot Sweeper in Fresno

Featuring the only fully robotic arm on the market, this parking lot sweeper in the Central Valley delivers simple operation and reduced fatigue with 270-degree arm movement. The 6-position joystick makes arm control totally intuitive and effortless.

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