Top 5 Things Sewer Contractors Want in an Inspection Crawler

Essential sewer services are truly essential, and they must be maintained even when capital budgets at the state and local levels are under threat. An inspection crawler is a big but necessary investment, and choosing the right one will have a serious impact on profitability and productivity. What are the top five factors you should consider when purchasing a crawler?


Maneuvering past obstacles is a key factor in completing more inspections. Look for a steerable design that can easily navigate around obstructions like protruding taps and rocks. All-wheel drive is needed to power through grease and sediment, and a compact wheelbase will help climb over debris and offsets.

Low Cost of Ownership

Lifetime cost of ownership is more important than purchase price when it comes to impacting your bottom line. Think about annual maintenance costs, warranty terms and the availability of regional service centers, and determine if common service procedures can be performed in-house to save both downtime and money.


A broken crawler erodes profits and can sideline your whole crew. Choose a crawler made from durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel. Lightweight cables are important for reducing pulling stresses, and a rearview camera can ease reverse travel and make your crawler more reliable.


Need to reach remote inspection sites? Choose a compact crawler that can be transported in a pickup truck, ATV or panel van and that has modest power requirements. Smaller units are also ideal for performing easement work, keeping overhead costs low and working in narrow alleyways and other spaces.


The best crawlers can perform in a variety of conditions, materials and pipe sizes. Envirosight’s modular crawlers are perfect for these challenges.

Technology is always changing, and we are happy to help you navigate your options to choose the best crawler system for your needs and budget. Contact us today to start the conversation and learn how our Envirosight crawlers can increase profitability and productivity.

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