Used Elgin Crosswind Street Sweepers Available Now!

We know that new equipment isn’t always in the budget. That’s why we offer a large inventory of used street sweepers for sale in Los Angeles, including two Elgin Crosswinds. With its straightforward operation, versatility, productivity and innovative design, the Crosswind is a favorite of contractors and municipalities. This remarkable unit can perform for extended periods in fueling, dumping, and re-watering sites thanks to its outstanding fuel-efficiency and large and strategically combined water tank and hopper. It can also thoroughly clean larger and flat paved zones like airport runways, parking lots, and streets with its heavy-duty recirculating vacuum sweeper. You will enjoy operating it because of its ergonomic structure, enabling you to work safely and comfortably.

Highly Efficient Air Conveyance System

Efficient air flow, including a superior vacuum source and air routing path, is at the heart of the Crosswind.

• High volume air flow at high velocity results in exceptional one-pass pickup while eliminating plugging that can occur in similar type sweepers.

• A nine-vane closed face turbine fan is powered by a turbo-charged diesel auxiliary engine for maximum airflow.

• A centrifugal dust separator minimizes pressure loss and maximizes sweep performance and fan life.

High Productivity Sweep System

• The sweep path picks up debris close to the curb and across a wide area.

• A 90 in. (2286 mm) wide pick-up head and dual hydraulically driven, 42 in.
(1067 mm) side brooms provide a 12 ft. (3658 mm) wide sweep path.

• Work with brooms fully extended or add the optional full broom retract feature for powerful scrubbing action in front of the pick-up head.

• An optional center broom provides added digging power for compacted debris.

• A 12 3⁄4 in. (324 mm) diameter suction hose accepts large debris. Quick disconnect allows operator to inspect and clean hose and intake tube without raising hopper.

• The vacuum enhancer/leaf bleeder facilitates sweeping under light and bulky debris conditions.

We currently have two used Elgin Crosswind street sweepers for sale. View our 2017 model here and our 2018 model here, and contact us today for pricing and to schedule your free demo!

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