Vactor Sewer Cleaner Technology for Simpler, Faster Operations

Vactor is dedicated to the same things we are here at Haaker: faster, simpler, more precise operation. Increased productivity. Lower operating costs. Enhanced sustainability. Greater reliability and quality results.

Vactor achieves these goals through cutting-edge technology in every line of sewer cleaners they produce. Here are just some of the highlights they have developed:

IntuiTouch Controls

Available on the 2100i, iMPACT and Ramjet sewer cleaning truck series, IntuiTouch Controls are simply revolutionary. They change the way operators work by reducing stress, simplifying operations and reducing setup time. One-touch control starts work inside the cab, and in the front, all cleaning functions are controlled by a single panel that adjusts to each operator. Learn more about how IntuiTouch saves time, money and effort here.

Water Recycling System

Available on the 2100i, the Vactor Water Recycling System saves thousands of gallons of fresh water. It also saves time and fuel expenses by eliminating trips to water fill stations. It can boost productivity by an astounding 100%.

Jet Rodder Water Pump

Available in the iMPACT, Ramjet Truck Series, 2100i and 2100i CB, the Vactor Jet Rodder Water Pump is designed specifically for sewer cleaning. It delivers smooth, continuous flow through the operating range and includes an optional Jackhammer action to break up the most challenging blockages.

Multi-Flow System

The Vactor Multi-Flow System, available on the 2100i, 2100i CB, Ramjet Truck Series and iMPACT, allows you to set water flow at lower RPM while keeping peak pressure to clean effectively and quickly. This means less energy usage and a reduction in water while also lessening component wear and boosting the life of your equipment. Interested in learning more? Contact Haaker today to schedule your free Vactor sewer cleaner demo and see this technology for yourself!

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