Vactor Trucks in Las Vegas Keep Communities Healthy

Most people have no idea what goes on beneath the streets, homes and buildings in our communities, but properly maintaining the systems that move stormwater and wastewater is vital to keeping our communities safe and healthy. When it comes to dealing with issues underground, cities and companies across the globe turn to Vactor trucks. Here are some of the applications that rely on Vactor trucks in Las Vegas to get the job done right: 

Vactor Trucks for Catch Basins

Catch basins trap sediment and solids from surface water and prevent them from entering the sewer system. However, debris like litter, leaves, dirt and rocks can still cause major obstructions, resulting in damaged sidewalks, landscaping, buildings and roads. 

Sanitary Sewer Lines

These lines move sewage from buildings and homes to treatment facilities, but when obstructions caused by debris, grease or roots occur, there is a danger of overflow. This issue can cause serious consequences for the health of a community and its freshwater resources. 

Treatment Plants

Treatment plans are vital to processing wastewater. When sludge accumulates at plants, productivity goes down and equipment may be damaged. 

Vactor’s powerful lineup of proven performers tackle these tasks with advanced technology, efficiency and safety. To learn more about our Vactor trucks in Las Vegas, like the 2100i, contact us today to schedule your FREE demo! 

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