Street Sweeper Service Increases Safety

Safety should be your top priority every time you use your street sweeper for a job. We know that the more routine your work becomes, the easier it may be to forget safety concerns, but safety should never be taken for granted. Most accidents on the road and on job sites can be prevented, and they cost employers millions of dollars each year. 

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Have Daily Safety Talks 

Make safety an important talk of your daily meetings. Talk to your team about potential hazards, and if an issue arises, use it as a teaching moment to correct the mistake and prevent accidents going forward. Give reminders to your team about reading, understanding and following the manual instructions, safety messages and warnings from your street sweeper’s manual, and remind them that good safety protects not only yourselves, but the people around you. 

Regular Maintenance Increases Safety 

Keeping your sweeper properly maintained is essential for safe operation. Check these conditions each time you use your street sweeper: 

  • Tire pressure and tread depth
  • Safety switches and interlocks are operational
  • Service and park brake operation
  • Windshield wipers and washer
  • Work, safety, stop and directional lights are operational
  • Fire extinguisher is accessible and charged
  • Backup alarm is working
  • Filter or water system is prepped for a full day of sweeping
  • Rear camera is ready and clean
  • All guards are properly in place
  • Mirrors are adjusted
  • Undercarriage and engine compartment are free from debris 

Schedule Street Sweeper Service with Haaker 

If your street sweeper needs service or repairs, contact us today! We offer expert parts and service support to keep your street sweeper running at peak performance. Our service department is staffed with factor-trained professionals who work hard every day to keep our customers’ machines up and running. To schedule street sweeper service, give us a call at 800-200-3432 or click here. 

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