10 Tips for Maintaining Your Street Sweeper in Phoenix

Maintaining your street sweeper in Phoenix is key to getting the most out of it in terms of performance and avoiding expensive, serious problems later on. Follow these ten tips to keep your street sweeper at peak performance!


Clean your debris hopper every day.

Taking the time to do this daily helps stop dirt from accumulating, which can impede airflow and performance and also cause rusting.

Clean your hopper screen.

Remove obstructions daily to let air flow freely through your unit.

Inspect the fan and fan inlet every day.

Check for a buildup of debris that can do damage to the bearing and driveline. If you notice vibration, replace your fan. We recommend always replacing the driveline and bearings at the same time to keep the system working at peak performance.

Check your air seals.

Do you notice them worn around the fan inlet, intake tubes or hopper doors? If so, replace them immediately. This creates a tighter seal for optimum vacuuming power.

Check the sweeping head.

If you have an air sweeper, the sweeping head is the most essential component of the machine. When it is out of line, the performance of your sweeper will drastically decline. Keeps yours in alignment to prevent twisting or bending, which is very difficult to fix.

Check the rubber skirts.

If your rubber skirts don’t seal to the group, it’s time to replace them.

Check curb brooms.

These components move debris from curbs so the sweeping head can pick it up. Check your owner’s manual for the optimum settings for your curb brooms’ strike pattern and adjust accordingly.

Inspect the hydraulic system.

Check for the correct pressure settings, viscosity oil and hydraulic filter changes. If you notice a drop in hydraulic pressure, replace your components. Swapping out an old hydraulic filter for a new one can prevent oil contamination and encourage hydraulic flow.

Inspect the water system.

Dusty conditions can significantly affect the life of your fan, but a proper water system will moisten debris when it comes into the hopper. This prevents dust from sticking to the screen and impeding airflow. Check your filter and spray nozzles daily for optimum performance.

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