Rental Sewer Cleaners in San Diego Available Now

First, some good news: Many Americans are more frequently cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, sinks and more. But the bad news is that too many are tossing disinfectant wipes, paper towels and other products straight in the toilet.

Pipes across the country have been under strain due to this bad habit, and cities are experiencing backed-up sewer lines and overflowing toilets.

Our rental sewer cleaners in San Diego can help!

If you’re facing clogged sewers in your municipality, our powerful lineup of Vactor sewer cleaners for rent in San Diego can get the job done right.

Our rental sewer cleaners in San Diego can collect and convey materials from great distances from the machine, ensuring the safety and health of your team. They can store up to 800 feet of large-diameter hose, allowing them to conduct liquids to remote or hard-to-reach areas like subways or elevated platforms or behind large structures. Additionally, these cleaners are integrated with “Smart Truck” features that require less manpower to run. A Vactor truck with a mounted setter and rodder can easily be operated by just one person.


Rental Vactor 2100i Fan Sewer Cleaner in San Diego

Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner is truly built around the operator. A few of the features are a revolutionary control system, superior vacuum performance, unmatched operator comfort and control, and fuel, air routing and filtration efficiency second to none. Vactor has gone to every effort to ensure that every facet of the 2100i Combination Sewer Cleaner is nothing less than world class.

Rental Vactor 2100i PD

With blower offerings providing inlet volumes in excess of 5000 CFM and 18 Hg vacuum, the Vactor 2100i PD is the machine you need to tackle your deepest pulls. In addition, our multi-stage blower filtration system is the most productive of its kind, and unique design features make the 2100i the most operator-friendly unit available.


Rental Vactor iMPACT Combination Sewer Cleaner

Now, the advanced features that have made the Vactor 2100i the industry leader in technology, versatility and operating ease are available in a more compact, economical design. With the new iMPACT combination sewer cleaner you don’t have to sacrifice performance to obtain greater cost savings. In tight spots like alleys, for emergency applications, or for regular maintenance, the iMPACT can handle the job without a big impact on your budget.

Convenient Options for Rental Sewer Cleaners in San Diego

Rent our equipment on a monthly, weekly or daily basis and use them anywhere! We are happy to help you choose the equipment that provides the most bang for your buck. Contact us today to learn more!

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