3 Common Workplace Accidents and How Better Communication Can Avoid Them

Accidents have the potential to occur at any worksite or factory, but facilitating strong communication and keeping your crew alert can reduce the risk. Here are some of the most common workplace accidents and how better communication can reduce them.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Debris-laden factory floors. Cluttered walkways. Uneven flooring. Slippery surfaces. These are all common causes of slip-and-fall accidents in facilities, but the good news is that many can be avoided.

Conduct a safety assessment with a thorough audit to identify potential tripping hazards. Make a plan to eliminate those you can by moving clutter to more secure areas, replacing uneven floors, adding caution tape to mark steps or aisles and placing handrails and handholds where needed. Talk to your team about wearing proper footwear on the job, which can reduce the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents.

Machinery Accidents

Any moving parts in your facility can be potential hazards. Talk to your teams about adopting safety protocols like avoiding loose clothing, tying back long hair, checking machine guards frequently and wearing the right personal protective equipment.

Vehicle Accidents

Forklifts, waste removal trucks and other vehicles can bring risk of injury to those in your facility. Awareness and proper training can help here — talk to your team about understanding potential malfunctions, get the proper certifications and make a plan for spotters and operators to work together. Use Sonetics wireless headsets to keep communication clear and easy whenever vehicles are in use.

Sonetics wireless headsets enable your team to work safer and smarter. Wireless, two-way radio and Bluetooth options allow you to communicate without removing your hearing protection, and overall sound levels remain low through passive noise reduction while situational awareness is provided by active listen-through. Exposure to sound over time is measured by an innovative integrated personal sound dosimeter, and you can easily adjust headset volume to protect your ears. This state-of-the-art technology keeps your hearing safe while keeping you connected to your team.

Sonetics headsets provide reliable, rugged communication that helps your team be more productive, work safer and communicate hands-free. There are no more buttons to push or waiting to take turns – with Sonetics, you can just talk naturally!

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