How Long Should a Crawler Sewer Inspection Take?

Although crawler inspections can be done in a variety of ways, they all share the same goal: assessing the condition of a pipe. We can’t determine much about the condition of a pipe from above the ground, so we use technology to gather underground insights and learn more. This technology helps us understand a pipe’s conditions and whether it needs replacement, repairs or rehabilitation. Using crawlers allows us to see cracks, corrosion, leaks, roots, blockages and more, and without them, defects can go undetected and cause contamination and collapses. 

Average Crawler Inspection Timing 

Robotic CCTV camera crawlers are the most commonly-used sewer inspection tools. These tools let you navigate through pipes visually from above ground and make it easy to discern needs in real time. So how long does that typically take? 

Most inspections are conducted from manhole to manhole, and manholes are usually spaced about 300 feet apart. It generally takes about 20 to 30 minutes to inspect the distance from one manhole to another. Remember that distance is about 300 feet, and most contractors aim to inspect about 3,000 feet a day. 

Variables Affect Inspections 

Many variables can determine inspection time, including the length, configuration and size of pipes. Pipes in poor condition take longer to inspect than those without issues, and different types of inspections require different levels of scrutiny and therefore time to complete. 

Pre- and Post- Inspection Processes 

Setting up and taking down inspection equipment also takes time. We recommend cleaning pipes beforehand when possible to facilitate clearer views and faster navigation. Setting up generally takes under 20 minutes after cleaning. 

We also recommend testing your system above ground to ensure it is working properly. 

Envirosight Rovver X sewer inspection camera in use

Maximizing Productivity During Inspections

Envirosight’s ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler maximize on-site productivity thanks to features like quick-change wheels. The wheels can be changed in just minutes without tools, saving a ton of time. When your equipment offers more flexibility, you gain efficiency! 

To learn more about the ROVVER X from Envirosight, contact us today to schedule your free demo! 

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