A Daily Inspection Checklist for Your Street Sweeper in Phoenix

One of the best things you can do as a street sweeper operator to increase the lifespan of your equipment is to conduct a comprehensive inspection before each and every job. An inspection can help prevent buildup of leaves or dirt in the machine and help you spot issues that could, without repairs, compromise the function of your street sweeper over time.

Start with a walk-around of your unit. Check for any fluid or air leaks, take note of the overall condition of your equipment and look for loose bolts. Check the fuel tank level and drive shaft.

Under the hood, check oil levels and transmission fluid (if automatic). Inspect the coolant and radiator, check the brake fluid level and cap and inspect the belts, air cleaner and hoses. Be mindful of any leaks.

Inspect the batteries, making sure that cables are in good condition and that the cover is secured and mountings are working properly.

Check your tires for tread, overall condition and PSI. Also check the wheels and lug nuts for any damages.

On the main broom, check for debris and inspect the brush for signs of wear.

Inspect the lamps, including the head/dimmer, parking and turn signal lights. Also inspect any four way lights, stop lamps, tail lamps, reverse lights, strobes or reflectors.

In the cab, check your first aid kit and fire extinguisher, warning triangles, seat belts, windows, washers and wipers, horn, mirrors, brakes, instrument panel and any secondary controls.

Check gutter brooms for debris and wear, note the coolant and engine oil in the auxiliary engine and check for oil leaks.

On air brakes, conduct an air test and check the air buzzer and lamp. Inspect the slack adjuster and air tank drains as well.

Finally, on the pick-up head, check the curtains and metal skid plates.

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Servicing Street Sweepers in Phoenix at Haaker

Take note of any discrepancies and make a plan for repairing your unit as soon as possible before using it again. We offer expert parts and service support to keep your Elgin Street Sweeper in Phoenix in peak condition. Our factory-trained technicians work hard so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. We can also recommend a robust planned maintenance program to help you extend the lifespan of your equipment. Visit our Service Department page here to learn more.

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