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Sewer Cleaning in Central Valley: Safety Tips from Vactor

One of the keys to safer sewer cleaning is having a deep understanding of line cleaning tools, techniques and technologies. Like us, our partner Vactor stresses the importance of safety and understanding both the task at hand and the work environment before undertaking any sewer cleaning job.

Situational Awareness

Understanding your work environment is essential when doing any job that includes heavy equipment.

Sewer cleaning is no different. Get a feel for the terrain of your work site and be aware that weight will shift on the sewer cleaner as debris is contained and water is depleted. Pay attention to any vehicular traffic in the area and take note of any obstructions around the sewer cleaner, like power lines, that could cause safety issues while raising the body or operating a boom.

Invest in the Right Kind of PPE

When sewer cleaning in the Central Valley or any other location, wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and know its limitations. The following items can protect you from dangers on site while cleaning and maintaining catch basins and sewers:

• Hard hat
• Reflective safety vest
• Hearing protection, like Sonetics wireless headsets
• Safety glasses with side shields
• Protective foot wear
• Protective hand wear

Be Aware of Air Conveyance Risks

Sometimes respecting what you can’t see is part of keeping yourself and your team safe. Air movement can pull human limbs and loose clothing inward until it forms a seal. When that occurs, blood is drawn into the limb, causing a serious issue called compartment syndrome. Be aware of this risk and keep a safe distance from vacuums.

Protect the Hose

Remember that the water better stores an incredible amount of energy. Never, ever work with a damaged hose.

Before beginning work, always conduct a thorough inspection. Check for these elements:

• Shrinking hose size
• Exposed reinforcement
• Fittings cutting into hose
• Collapsing or kinking
• Bubbles or blisters
• Movement in fittings

If you notice any of these issues, contact us to make an appointment with our Service Department immediately. We work hard to get your equipment up to standard quickly so you can get back to work safely. To learn more about our repair and maintenance services for sewer cleaners in the Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas, click here.