Become a Sewer Inspection Expert with Resources from Envirosight

When you understand sewer conditions, there are no surprises. Envirosight helps you plan cleaning and rehab to prevent backups and failures, minimize emergency call-puts, stay within budget and limit liability and satisfy regulatory agencies, local government and ratepayers. We are proud to carry Envirosight products and tools because they are the most trusted name in buried asset inspection, and they are an outstanding resource for understanding sewer inspection and the tools that deliver capabilities no others can. Explore our Envirosight products here, and learn more about sewer inspection using the resources below! 

Infographic Explains Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS)

This infographic helps you immediately comprehend and communicate the value of the Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS) workflow, which can cut assessment costs 34% and boost productivity 17%.

PASS is a workflow for understanding sewer condition quicker with fewer resources. With PASS you can prioritize which lines need the most attention, and also keep your system-wide assessment more current. Learn about this cost-cutting workflow by clicking here. 

White Paper to Learn More About Cross Bore Inspection Services

Cross bores are a threat to communities, the environment and underground utility companies, and operators are investing significant resources into identifying and eliminating risk. Is your company poised to exploit this growing market?

Digging Deep: The Growing Market for Cross Bore Inspection Services dives into the challenges and opportunities for inspection contractors. Download the FREE paper to learn more.

Clean Sewers Smarter with Zoom Assessment White Paper

Attempting to clean sewers without seeing their condition firsthand can be wasteful, time-consuming and ultimately unsuccessful. Pre- and post-cleaning video assessment helps ensure you clean only when necessary, and that your cleaning efforts are successful. Using a CCTV crawler for assessment, though, can quickly drain resources.

In this white paper, we discuss the benefits of utilizing zoom assessment technology to understand pipe condition pre- and post-jetting. These benefits include conserving CCTV crawler resources, time and cost savings, improved safety, ease of documentation and convenience. Learn more here!



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