4 Ways Wireless Communications Create Safer Worksites

The number one contributing factor for on-the-job accidents is communication breakdown. What can you do to prevent communication breakdowns that lead to accidents? Simple. Wireless communication with Sonetics wireless headsets improves industrial safety because they:

– Protect hearing and allow for clear conversational communication;

– Keep hands free so you can focus on work and avoid pushing buttons just to talk;

– Sharpen situational awareness while reducing noise stress; and

– Allow you to let in just the right amount of environmental noise.

Let’s examine how exactly wireless headsets improve industrial safety in the context of common manufacturing hazards.

Through the lens of each hazard, here’s how wireless communication with Sonetics wireless headsets can improve industrial safety.

Increased Safety Around Chemicals

The Hazard: Dangerous chemicals can be anywhere, from corrosive cleaning solutions to leaking battery acid.

The Wireless Communication Advantage: Warn workers in real-time that hazardous materials are in the vicinity so they can make plans to move or work around them. If exposure does occur, then call for help immediately and trigger an evacuation with a verbal alarm that you can trust everyone will hear.

Preventing Falls with Increased Communication

The Hazard: When paired with overconfidence, high places can be one of the biggest hazards in your workplace.

The Wireless Communication Advantage: Talk about safety and potential hazards while you’re working in lockstep with your spotter on the ground. The danger of relying on safety signals is that signals can be misinterpreted, and you have to interrupt your concentration to look for the signal.

Avoiding Heavy Equipment Accidents

The Hazard: Carelessness when maneuvering a forklift or other factory vehicle can result in injury and even death—and not just for the operator.

The Wireless Communication Advantage: When you’re always connected to the other workers on your crew, you’re more aware of their location while operating heavy equipment. You also don’t have to rely on hand signals from spotters or other ground crew, because you can talk and interrupt just like a normal conversation. Bonus: all that communicating boosts productivity, too. Task focus not included; ability to concentrate sold separately.

Identifying Fire Risks and Responding Faster

The Hazard: Many potential fire hazards pose a significant risk for a manufacturing facility.

The Wireless Communication Advantage: With the enhanced situational awareness you gain while wearing a Sonetics wireless headset, you’re more likely to recognize an overheating machine, wild spark from a welding torch or a short in the wiring. Even if you don’t catch it in time to prevent the fire, you can instantly alert the rest of the team and can even call 911 from your Bluetooth™-connected smartphone.

If improving industrial safety is a priority on your plant floor, then consider the advantages of wireless communication from Haaker!

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