DigPig Unveils Hydrovac Nozzles: A Paradigm Shift in Excavation Technology

Doing something new often requires first clearing away the old and with our new line of hydrovac accessories, we’re ready to clean out any mess that stands in our way to progress. Haaker’s strategic new collaboration with DigPig bolsters our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge, safe technology that enhances productivity and helps achieve superior performance. This partnership is an evolution in our mission to provide state-of-the-art equipment for all your needs, specifically in hydro vacuum excavation with this product line expansion. Brace yourselves for a revolution in the excavation landscape—the DigPig Nozzles are here to redefine the game.

DigPig: Redefining Hydrovac Technology

Enter DigPig, a trailblazing hydrovac nozzle and accessories manufacturer with an extraordinary legacy of 25 years in the ownership, operation, and construction in the hydrovac space. Recognizing the demand for enhanced, sustainable, and enduring products, DigPig has pioneered the first-ever hydrovac nozzle capable of conquering diverse ground conditions and climates, revolutionizing the hydro excavation industry.

Hydrovacs, leveraging high-pressure water for soil cutting and liquefaction while employing high-volume vacuum for soil removal, have become indispensable across various applications. From daylighting to expose underground utilities, soil trenching for cable and pipeline installation, piling hole excavation, debris removal, to cold-weather digging, hydrovacs offer unparalleled safety and precision compared to conventional methods. Using hydrovac solutions over traditional digging protects the surrounding environment and equipment from damages caused by shovel strikes, providing a safer and environmentally friendly alternative.

DigPig Solutions: Precision-Crafted Nozzles for Optimal Performance

DigPig’s meticulously designed nozzles are engineered to optimize the efficiency of every hydrovac session. Crafted with the toughest materials, these heavy-duty nozzles ensure durability in the most challenging environments. With a focus on safeguarding users and underground utilities, DigPig’s nozzles are meticulously designed to keep operators secure in rocky, frosty, and other demanding conditions, enabling faster job completion with reduced downtime and extended runtime.

DigPig Silencer Nozzle

The DigPig Silencer Nozzle sets new benchmarks for durability and longevity. Boasting an advanced filter coin system, a high heat rating of 205°F/96°C, a robust 4200 psi rating, and a 10-degree spray raid, this nozzle is a standout performer. The safety yellow color enhances visibility, while stainless steel inlet and body ensure strength and resistance to harsh conditions. With 80% stronger carbides, less vibration, and less noise, the Silencer Nozzle features the market’s strongest cover. Users can change GPM with purchased kits, and each nozzle comes with trackable serial numbers for added convenience and accountability.

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DigPig Titan Hydrovac Lance

The DigPig Titan Hydrovac Lance represents the epitome of hydrovac lance technology, a remarkable 90% stronger than any other lance on the market. With a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on strength, the Titan Lance addresses breakage concerns in quick connects and nozzles. Constructed with the strongest materials, reinforcing thread connections, handling control, and overall safety, it features stainless steel, thick-wall schedule 80 aluminum, and type 3 anodizing. Corrosion-free even in harsh conditions, the Titan Lance ensures unparalleled strength with a lightweight design for superior performance.

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Haaker invites you to elevate your hydrovac experience with DigPig Nozzles. Whether you seek the advanced features of the Silencer Nozzle or the unmatched strength of the Titan Hydrovac Lance, DigPig’s product lineup is crafted to meet your specific hydrovac needs. Break new ground with these products from DigPig and revolutionize your hydro excavation operations. For detailed insights on how these solutions can elevate your projects, connect with us through our web form or call us directly at 909-598-2706. Join us in ushering in the future of hydro excavation with Haaker Underground and DigPig—where innovation meets performance.


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