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When looking at what is required of a Municipal Drainage System, it moves beyond just the pipes and drains in a town. It means creating and maintaining systems of storm sewers, stormwater management facilities, and watercourses owned or operated by a municipality. And when something as chaotic as a storm hits your community, you want to know for sure that your system is ready to handle whatever deluge is testing the system. To meet that need, we at Haaker Equipment Company are proud to feature powerful and innovative solutions from Stetco – mainly, their Clamshell Bucket Trucks. Stetco, a respected industry pioneer in hydraulic specialty equipment, has been transforming the world of municipal drainage operations since 1952. Stetco’s rich history, their groundbreaking technology, and the remarkable product line they offer is the best line of defense against any storm looking to test your municipal system.

About Stetco

Stetco, headquartered in the Boston Metro Area, has made significant strides in the hydraulic specialty equipment industry, being credited with inventing and commercializing the revolutionary Orange Peel, Rectangular Clamshell, and Round Clamshell claw designs. Their products have  had an impact across the United States, powering the fleets of domestic municipal clients in major cities and  Internationally, Stetco’s impact can be felt around the globe.

Our Machines Don’t Suck

At the heart of Stetco’s philosophy lies a commitment to providing cost-efficient, eco-friendly solutions for municipal drainage operations, all in compliance with EPA stormwater mandates. Stetco’s innovative products are built to perform in any climate and deliver unmatched durability in the industry. Their custom-engineered buckets are designed to efficiently remove heavy debris while squeezing out water, effectively reducing unproductive dump runs. What’s more, the versatility of Stetco’s equipment allows for digging in dry conditions without the need to create slurry. Stetco’s single-engine efficiency trucks not only burn less fuel but also operate quietly, creating the ideal conditions for maintaining diverse stormwater collection systems while making a measurable impact on municipal clients and the environment.

Stetco’s equipment excels in cleaning like no other, making them ideal for even the most challenging municipal drainage infrastructure issues. Whether it’s navigating the tight confines of urban areas or reaching depths of up to 45 meters below grade, Stetco’s hydraulic specialty equipment offers unparalleled efficiency, complementing and enhancing vacuum truck capabilities at about half the cost.

Product Highlights

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the key products within Stetco’s Clamshell Bucket Trucks lineup:

STETCO 950 COMBINATION UNIT: Simple, efficient, and smart, Stetco’s buckets provide positive, waterless cleaning power.

STETCO 950T/15: Delivering power, performance, and preparedness with available digging depths down to 100′ below grade.

STETCO 950T/13: Offering power, performance, and preparedness with a 13’ hydraulic boom outreach.

STETCO 920SP14: Providing power, performance, and preparedness with a 14’ hydraulic boom outreach.

STETCO RECTANGULAR CLAMSHELL: Offering positive, waterless cleaning power in sizes available in 12″ and 20″.

STETCO ROUND CLAMSHELL: Featuring positive, waterless cleaning power with sizes available in 10” and 12”.

STETCO ORANGE PEEL: Providing positive, waterless cleaning power with sizes available in 13” and 15”.

STETCO ORANGE PEEL – LONG BLADE: Offering positive, waterless cleaning power in sizes 15”, 18”, and 24”.

STETCO DEBRIS BODY: Focusing on power, performance, and preparedness, this product has demonstrated its municipal performance credentials.

Clamshell bucket trucks at Haaker Equipment Company

With Stetco’s Clamshell Bucket Trucks, we at Haaker Equipment Company continue to expand our product range to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. Stetco’s dedication to innovation, performance, and environmental responsibility aligns seamlessly with Haaker’s commitment to providing top-quality solutions. Explore Stetco’s impressive product lineup and reach out for more information about Haaker’s offerings. You can visit our product page to learn more or fill out our contact form here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discover these groundbreaking products further and join us in making a positive impact on municipal drainage operations and the environment with Stetco and Haaker Equipment Company.

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