Effective Communications in High-Noise Environments

Our world and work environments are filled with stimulus and sounds. We naturally cope with high-noise environments by speaking louder or leaning in to hear, but miscommunication happens easily. 

Think about this scenario: An equipment jam happens on the factory floor. Your coworker quickly tells you how to reset and clear it, but the noise is so loud you can’t understand his words. Asking your coworker to repeat the instructions won’t help, so your brain automatically reviews what you might have heard given the context, and you take action. Hopefully, you’re correct, and the same solution that worked on the jam in the past will work now. 

But what if you’re wrong? What you think you hear isn’t always correct, and the situation may be different than the last jam. Misinformation can cause downtime, confusion, more equipment damages and even personal injury or death. 

Noise is inevitable in factories, but miscommunication doesn’t have to be. 

Sonetics wireless headsets can help your team overcome noisy environments and communication obstacles to achieve your goals. 

Technology-based situational awareness hearing protection from Sonetics is the ideal solution to the scenario above. Sonetics’ technology allows you to stay safe while being able to hear the sounds you need from the surrounding environment. Let’s take a closer look at how this works. 

Stereo microphones: These are inside every Sonetics wireless headset. You can find them just on the forward edge of each ear dome. These small microphones let you hear outside sound while the headset stays on your head, providing vital hearing protection. You can easily tell where the sound is coming from, whether it is behind you, in front of you or to the side. 

Independent volume control: Sonetics wireless headsets let you hear voice communications at the same time you hear outside sounds. You are in control of the volume. Turn it up to max to amplify your normal hearing just enough to get what we call “wolf ears.” 

Protection from sudden loud sounds: Sonetics keeps you safe by automatically limiting any sudden loud sounds to 82 decibels in your headset. This keeps you in line with hearing safety standards while still allowing you to hear what you need to. 

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