Elgin Street Sweepers for Industrial Applications

Our inventory of Elgin street sweepers in Los Angeles includes mechanical, regenerative air, pure vacuum sweepers, waterless dust control, alternative fuel and other innovations to ensure that there is a sweeper for every need.

Elgin Street Sweeper Rental in Los Angeles

Cement Plants

Durable street sweepers are a necessity for cement plants that deal with spilled material, including crushed lime, coke and finished cement product. Elgin sweepers are tough enough to get the job done!

Power Plants

Typical contaminants at power plants include fly ash, coal dust and coal. Elgin sweepers can handle these dry bulk powders with ease. Using water during pickup can create a sticky material that clings to surfaces, but Elgin sweepers can efficiently sweep up debris without making the problem worse.

Grain Processing Plants

Elgin sweepers are ideal for sweeping up ground grain spilled around the processing plant as well as track out. These sweepers can effortlessly handle dry, fine grains like processed corn or wheat, that react to water and can ferment and cause odor issues. With Elgin sweepers, you can sweep dry and handle small particles with ease.

Lime and Quarry Processing Operations

Lime and quarry operations need to move sweepers out on main and ancillary roads where material spillage happens. The typical material to be swept is sand, gravel and lime dust.


The types of materials found at ports varies tremendously and may include large bulky debris like broken pallet pieces or dry bulk powder. Elgin sweepers can handle both, and many are designed to excel in congested areas thanks to their high maneuverability.

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