Elgin Broom Badger Offers Powerful Cleaning in Compact Design

If you are searching for a powerful, compact, maneuverable sweeper, look no further than the Elgin Broom Badger. This compact dual-engine sweeper offers easy operation and maintenance and is ideal for cities who want reliable cleaning without a full-size sweeper. Best-in-class components, lower fuel consumption and reduced operating weight make it a favorite for enhanced maneuverability and robust sweeping performance.

Efficient Main Broom

The hydraulically-driven 58” polypropylene main broom maximizes efficiency. A slightly wider elevator allows for closer broom placement and more efficient material lifting, and self-aligning bearings for the broom mount ensure smooth movement over all road surfaces.

Robust Side Brooms

This Elgin street sweeper for sale in Los Angeles features large dual side brooms with a max 9’ 6” sweep path. Brooms are protected from damages when sweeping close to obstacles thanks to the trailing arm design with spring kickback. Four solid steel arms on each broom feature chromed shafts with composite greaseless bushings on all pivot points to increase lifespan while reducing daily maintenance.

Innovative Hydraulic System

At the heart of the Broom Badger is an innovative hydraulic system with a variable displacement load-sensing piston pump that produces up to 32 GPM at 3,000 PSI. This reduces fuel consumption and heat build-up across the entire hydraulic system.

Other notable features of the Broom Badger include a heavy duty squeegee elevator, large debris hopper, efficient dust suppression system, simple, easy-to-navigate electrical system, high productivity sweep system and comfortable chassis and cab.

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