Inspect with Intelligence: Rovver X and Preferred Build-Outs from Envirosight

No matter what is going on in the world, sewer services are essential and must be maintained. Crawler inspections are invaluable services for contractors and cities that need to understand the condition of wastewater infrastructure and if cleaning and rehab is needed.

Our customized CCTV truck builds from Envirostight mobilize your sewer inspection capability, featuring the most popular preferred build-outs that increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. We are geared up to deliver these configurations faster and at less cost.

Envirosight Rovver X sewer inspection camera in use

Benefits of Preferred Build-Outs

Customer Satisfaction: Our preferred build-outs are based on popular industry preferences, so you know you are getting top-of-the-line amenities that make your work safer and more efficient.

Quotation Speed: Every one of our preferred build-outs has established pricing. This means we can quote them to you faster, but our “a la carte” options still allow for a high degree of customization.

Cost & Delivery: Our processes and inventory are designed with preferred build-outs in mind, which allows us to build them more efficiently.

The Amenities You Need for Safer, More Efficient Work

Available studio amenities include carpeted walls with rubber floor, wall outlets and wall switches for interior LED lighting, hinged storage benches with cushions, laminate desks with wall-mount monitors and more.

Work bay amenities can include custom laminate cabinetry, slide-out crawler drawer under the reel, 18-gallon wash-down system, built-in heavy duty tool drawers and more.

Choose the truck that best fits your work style, including a box van, trailer, Nissan NV, cargo van, For Transit, Mercedes Sprinter or Doge Promaster. Each is paired with either an inverter, gas generator, mobile electric power system or diesel generator.

Do Everything with Rovver X + Preferred Build-Out

Envirosight’s Rovver X is one system that lets you do everything — seriously. With the Rovver X, you can control inspections, generate reports, record video, log observations and link to your asset-management software directly.

The steerable 6-wheel drive makes maneuvering past obstacles easy, and the compact system footprint means the Rovver X can be deployed from any size vehicle. Don’t worry about time-consuming updates — the digital controls automatically update to the latest support self-diagnostics and features. The modular design works with pipes of any condition, material or size, and scalable design enables side-scanning, laser profiling and lateral launches.

Inspect with Intelligence

The Rovver X relies on CANbus technology to deliver capabilities you simply can’t find anywhere else. Auto-updating means you always have the latest features, you can view status updates from dozens of onboard sensors, and concurrent control of multiple crawler functions means you can steer while raising the lift and tilting the camera.

To learn more about how the Rovver X and our preferred build-outs can help you inspect with intelligence, contact us today to schedule your free demo!

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