Elgin Broom Bear Combines Durability and Efficiency

Durable and efficient, the Elgin Broom Bear four-wheel mechanical broom sweeper represents the best in innovation and performance. Featuring a large water tank and hopper, conventional or cab-over chassis and a smart single-engine design, the Broom Bear delivers the most efficient sweeping time possible. Maintenance and replacement part needs are minimized thanks to the single-engine design, and easy dumping is made possible with the hopper side-shift and variable dumping height. Perfect for tight urban areas, the Elgin Broom Bear is comfortable and easy to operate.

Why Broom Bear?

Single engine minimizes maintenance and delivers greater fuel efficiency

Advanced twin-pump hydraulic system reduces heat while boosting efficiency

4.5 cubic yard hopper with center-mounted double-scissor lifting mechanism for easy operation and maximum stability

Variable-height debris hopper with capacity of 4.5 cubic yards, hydraulic controls and 50-degree dump angle

Innovative Elgin Squeegee Conveyor optimizes power transfer, prevents excessive wear, makes service easy and provides the most efficient movement of debris into the hopper

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