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Vactor 2100i Series Saves Clean Water by Recycling

Ensuring clean water and protecting the environment are at the core of Vactor’s 2100i series of combination sewer cleaners. For over 100 years, Vactor has been a leading innovator in sewer cleaning design and manufacturing, and adding water recycling technology was a natural next step.

The Vactor 2100 Plus’s new water recycling system saves users hundreds of thousands of gallons of water during their cleaning operations. The water water recycling system also increases operator productivity by up to 100%. Operators can now clean up to two times the lines because less time is wasted breaking down to fill up with fresh, clean water. Less time is wasted driving to hydrants to fill up, and the Vactor 2100 Plus’s design has eliminated the time it takes to fill up the tanks. Decanting is also no longer necessary. Cleaning the lines is more efficient than ever before, resulting in fewer overflows.

Vactor Sewer Cleaners in Los Angeles Make the Operator’s Job Easier

Simple, reliable technology that makes the operator’s job easier is the foundation of Vactor’s mission. The new fully-automated water recycling system is easy to operate. Flip a single switch on the control panel to start the recycling system. A three-way selector manages water supply. When you application demands it, the unit can still be used as a standard sewer cleaner.

Learn more about the Vactor 2100’s water recycling system by watching this video from Storm Water Solutions, and contact us today to schedule your FREE demo to see it in action yourself!