Elgin Crosswind: A versatile, reliable regenerative air sweeper

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable regenerative air sweeper, look no further than the Elgin Crosswind. This machine combines outstanding performance with a simplified, low-maintenance design featuring a high performance sweep system and user-friendly controls. Perfect for airports, contractors, municipalities and general maintenance, the Crosswind exemplifies all the reasons why Elgin is a leading sweeper manufacturer.

Powerful Cleaning System

The Crosswind features a highly efficient air conveyance system, including a superior air routing path and vacuum source. Incredible one-pass pickup is made possible thanks to the high volume air flow at high velocity, and a centrifugal dust separator maximizes both fan life and sweep performance.

Used Crosswind street sweeper on road outside of Haaker Equipment Company in Los Angeles CA

The high productivity sweep system allows the Crosswind to effortlessly pick up debris across a wide area and close to the curb. The 12 ft. wide sweep path and 42-in side brooms maximize the pickup area, and sweeping under both light and bulk debris conditions is possible thanks to the leaf bleeder/vacuum enhancer.

The Elgin Crosswind’s shared power system delivers increased fuel efficiency, lower noise levels, reduced emissions and proven performance. Power also comes from regenerative braking. This system reclaims and immediately applies energy typically lost when sweeping on downhill grades or while coasting.

Other features that make the Crosswind uniquely powerful and efficient are its compact design, high-performance sweeper engine, superior dust suppression, high capacity and efficient loading and unique trailing arm side brooms.

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