Hillsboro’s Key to Success: Reliable Equipment and Preventative Maintenance

Anyone familiar with the Pacific Northwest can appreciate the region’s unique challenges, including high precipitation. Moreover, rapid growth over the last two decades has forced the city of Hillsboro, Oregon to expand its wastewater infrastructure, a challenge compounded by the area’s heavy rainfall.

They’ve been at the forefront of a population boom and know that their infrastructure maintenance program requires reliability — from their operators and from the equipment they use. With inclement weather conditions from October to March, employees also have to plan to be pulled out of inspection duties to control flooding and snow. They’ve been able to effectively manage this by dedicating a sewer inspection van for every million feet of pipe of their infrastructure. Having a plan in place and being proactive helps them meet inspection goals year after year, even when the weather makes it difficult. Learn more about their inspection program and equipment in this article.

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