The Elgin Crosswind: Reliable, Versatile Regenerative Air Sweeper

An amazing street sweeper in Los Angeles of the highest caliber, functionality, productivity, and versatility, Elgin’s Crosswind enables municipalities, industries, and contractors to efficiently accomplish their tasks. The Crosswind is operated straightforwardly using rocker switches and includes a full set of the essential gauges. This remarkable unit can perform for extended periods in fueling, dumping, and re-watering sites thanks to its outstanding fuel-efficiency and large and strategically combined water tank and hopper. It can also thoroughly clean larger and flat paved zones like airport runways, parking lots, and streets with its heavy-duty recirculating vacuum sweeper. You will enjoy operating it because of its ergonomic structure, enabling you to work safely and comfortably.

Crosswind Street Sweeper

Why Choose the Crosswind Street Sweeper in Los Angeles?

Three features set the Elgin Crosswind street sweeper apart from the competition: Superior dust suppression, tilt body for traditional dumping of sweepings and a dual-engine platform with patented SharedPower technology.

Used Crosswind street sweeper on road outside of Haaker Equipment Company in Los Angeles CA

The Crosswind is leaps and bounds ahead of the market with innovative single-engine technology. The easy-to-use design coupled with single-button operation increases productivity while decreasing maintenance costs and time. This street sweeper for sale is versatile and can pick up chip seal and litter with ease, and the large pickup head makes it perfect for nearly any application.

The Crosswind eliminates the hassle of maintaining two engines, untimely auxiliary engine regenerations, cumbersome belt tensioning systems and auxiliary engine noise and vibration.

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